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The online music shop Trombone.Online offers musical instruments from BRASSEGO, instruments from NARTISS, and instruments from STOMVI.

Trombone TITAN from STOMVI

Tenor trombone TITAN from STOMVI STOMVI has extended its model spectrum (which started with trumpets) by other instrument types. The TITAN series now also includes high-quality trombones, e.g. the tenor-trombone model TITAN TB5100.

This model is very well suited for jazz and big band sound due to it s bell diameter of 216 mm.

The sound of this tenor-trombone can be characterized as open and full of harmonics. The resonance of this instrument is really fantastic.

Bass Trombones from BRASSEGO

BRASSEGO bass trombone BIG MAMA The bass-trombones from BRASSEGO are "BIG MAMA" and "BELLISSIMA".

Both bells are made from goldbrass have a spectacular diameter of 260 mm and 265 mm, respectively.

In order to stabilize and focus the sound for BIG MAMA the Singing Bell Treatment is recommended, for BELLISSIMA it is the standard. Of course, this musical instrument is available in our online shop!

Valve trombones and slide trombones are part of the assortment of Trombone.Online

While the majority of trombone players are convinced about the slide trombones, some prefer valve trombones. Trombone-Online is open to both groups of trombonists since it offers both types of tenor-trombones.
Don't hesitate to enter our Online-Shop for Musicians!

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solo trombones, orchestral trombones and jazz trombones At our online-shop you will find your next musical instrument, whether you are looking for a solo trombone, an orchestral trombone, or a trombone for jazz or classical music. Though we can serve the different requirements, the decision of the details of the musical instrument is yours: E.g., when ordering the instrument, the professional as well as the student need to take care of the bore, because the bore is determines significantly the sound volume and the sound quality of the instruments.

Trombone.Online is dedicated to brass instruments

Whatever musical ideas you have or whatever musical concepts you want to realize, we are shure that you can find your ideal musical instrument in our online shop. The products cover Jazz trombones e.g. the Jazz trombone SOLINO from BRASSEGO or the Jazz trombone TITAN from STOMVI as well as instruments for symphony orchestras like the F/Bb trombones DELTA, VIVACE and FORTUNA from BRASSEGO.
The big online-advantage: This shop is open 24h / 7 days! Look around and find your next musical instrument!

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The online shop offers top musical instruments for brass and for woodwind. The trombone registers available are both, bass and tenor.
Why do you still hesitate! Online-shopping of trombones and accessories for trombones is the most efficient way of shopping with respect to time and price!

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What our customers say:

Jonny T.: I ordered the bass-trombone BIG MAMA from BRASSEGO at Trombone.Online. When I opend the delivery, I was very happy about my new musical instrument. BIG MAMA is beautiful and produces a really sonor sound.
Conny R.: Bought a tenor-trombone from BRASSEGO at Trombone.Online. The model name is FORTUNA. The sound is very balanced and warm. The option "Singing Bell" has a really amazing effect.
Steven H.: Trombone-Online is promoting the tenor-trombone TITAN from STOMVI. Since the price was very attractive, I ordered the musical instrument at the online shop. What a great decision! The instrument has a bell made of goldbrass of 216 mm diameter and produces a really resonant sound.
Charlie A.: At your online-shop I found the offer of the valve-trombone "ROUND ABOUT" from Brassego. As a standard, the trombone has the patent hammering Singing Bell, which was surprising for me. But when I started to play, I did understood the advantages of this treatment: warmth is all around, when I play the instrument.

What are you waiting for?

Students as well as professionals and hobby musicians can find their adequate musical instrument at the online-shop Trombone.Online. The various musical instruments are well suited for jazz groups, for big bands or for orchestras of classical music.
Visit our Online-shop for Trombones and other Musical Instruments - and make your dream reality!

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